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5 Tips to Prevent Mold Growth

mold growth

Here are 5 tips to prevent mold growth that you can do yourself. Mold is usually the result of water damage, excess humidity, and water leaks. Preventing mold growth is the first step in avoiding a bigger problem. If mold is already present, be sure to call an expert to evaluate the situation. Mold can cause health problems, so taking care of it as soon as possible is critical.

What Causes Mold to Grow?

Mold is typically the result of unresolved moisture problems. Whether it is a leak that is allowing water into your home, or excess moisture and humidity building up, resolving these issues is the first step to preventing mold growth. Water and moisture must be fully dried out as soon as possible. Bathrooms are also very susceptible to mold growth due to steam from showers not being properly vented. Finally, a water leak from a pipe or drain can build up and cause mold growth in hidden areas such as under sinks and behind walls. Let’s review ways to prevent mold growth.

Ways to Prevent Mold Growth

  1. Regularly check under sinks for water leaks.
    • A leaking water pipe can go unnoticed for an extended period of time, allowing mold to grow. Regularly checking pipes and drains under sinks should be a regular practice to prevent water damage and mold.
  2. Ensure bathrooms are vented.
    • Showers and bathing cause excess moisture to build up in bathrooms. Running a vent fan during bathing helps to prevent high levels of humidity. It’s important to ensure that the fan vents outside rather than into your attic.
  3. Run air conditioning even when you leave the house.
    • In an effort to reduce electricity usage, some may turn their air conditioner off when leaving the house. This causes the temperature to rise inside the home, and allows humidity to increase as well. Even when you’re not home, allow your air conditioner to run.
  4. Use a dehumidifier.
    • A dehumidifier works to regulate the humidity level in your home by removing excess moisture in the air.
  5. Look for areas where water collects and correct the issue.
    • Finding areas where water collects and correcting the leak is an important step in keeping your home mold free. Ensure that any leaks are corrected and water is fully dried out.

What Should I Do Next?

Don’t wait to find out if you have a mold problem. The earlier you catch a mold the better. Remediating mold in its early stages is easier and less costly than more advanced mold issues. An air quality test and mold inspection from BioClean Remediation, LLC is the best place to start in identifying and treating a mold problem. We will conduct a thorough visual inspection and air quality test using the latest technology in mold detection and provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the types and levels of mold present. If mold is not present, we will provide recommendations on how to keep your home and business mold-free and healthy for everyone. Give us a call at 251-504-0747 or contact us for a mold inspection and air quality analysis.

When hiring a mold removal company, it is critical to select a trusted professional. BioClean Remediation, LLC is recognized by HomeAdvisor as a best-in-class provider of mold removal and remediation. Contact us any time, day or night at 251-504-0747.