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Check for Mold Before Buying a House

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Buying a house is an important time in our lives and is usually the largest purchase we will ever make. It is important to be sure that we are making smart decisions and you should always check for mold before buying a house. Avoid costly and harmful issues by ensuring that the house you are purchasing does not have a mold problem.

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How Can I Identify Mold?

Mold isn’t always easy to spot. In some cases, home sellers will attempt to cover up mold problems prior to selling as well, making the problem more challenging to spot. There are some warning signs with mold, but some may not be clearly visible or noticeable. Below are a few things to watch out for when purchasing a home.

  • The house has a musty smell or odor – this can indicate that there is existing mold.
  • Damp or humid air in the home – dampness provides an ideal breeding ground for mold.
  • Excessive fragrance or air fresheners – in some cases, sellers may try to cover unpleasant odors when selling.
  • Crawl spaces tend to be more susceptible to mold – it’s important to have a mold inspection completed.
  • Paint peeling, or apparent efforts to repair issues around windows, air vents, bathrooms, and doors.

What Should I Do Before Purchasing a House?

Before purchasing a house, it is important to have a complete home inspection completed. Additionally, a comprehensive mold inspection can provide an extra layer of comfort and security in the home buying process. Many home inspectors may offer mold inspections for an additional fee, but some of these inspections are not as thorough as an independent mold inspection.

Get a Mold Inspection

A comprehensive mold inspection goes beyond the surface. By completing an air quality test, we can identify the level and type of mold in the air. Air samples will be sent to our laboratory for a thorough analysis and we will provide a report of our findings. A thorough visual inspection of the inside and outside of your home by a certified mold remediation expert will identify mold sources as well as hidden mold. It is important to trust a licensed expert to test for mold before purchasing a house to save yourself from a costly repair later.

What’s Next?

Don’t wait to find out if you have a mold problem. The earlier you catch a mold the better. Remediating mold in its early stages is easier and less costly than more advanced mold issues. An air quality test and mold inspection from BioClean Remediation, LLC is the best place to start in identifying and treating a mold problem. We will conduct a thorough visual inspection and air quality test using the latest technology in mold detection and provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the types and levels of mold present. If mold is not present, we will provide recommendations on how to keep your home and business mold-free and healthy for everyone. Give us a call at 251-504-0747 or contact us for a mold inspection and air quality analysis.

When hiring a mold removal company, it is critical to select a trusted professional. BioClean Remediation, LLC is recognized by HomeAdvisor as a best-in-class provider of mold removal and remediation. Contact us any time, day or night at 251-504-0747.