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How to Keep Your Home Mold-Free All Winter

window condensation mold growth

Mold can be a problem all year, but the cooler weather will sometimes provide a false sense of security about the risk of mold. After all, we typically associate mold with hot, humid weather. The fact is that mold can grow any time of year, but there are some things that you can do to prevent the growth and spread of mold during the cooler seasons, too!

Any time cool and warm air meet, condensation occurs. Every day activities such as showering, cooking, and even doing laundry causes excess moisture to enter the air. When this warm, moist air finds a source of cool air, condensation occurs, then mildew and mold can form. This can occur in air vents, near or on windows, in attics, crawl spaces, and many other places in and around your home.

How can I prevent mold growth?

Here are a few things that you can do to help prevent excess moisture and help keep mold from growing.

1. Look for air leaks around windows and doors where cool air and warm air may meet. Be sure to re-seal your windows and ensure the weather stripping around your doors is in good shape and provides a good seal.

2. Keep an eye on your indoor moisture level. A temperature and humidity sensor only costs a few dollars, and can help you understand the moisture level in your home.

3. Consider purchasing a dehumidifier. During the cooler months, your air conditioner is likely running less and therefore not removing excess humidity from the air. A dehumidifier is a great step toward preventing indoor mold growth. 

What if I am concerned I may have mold growing?

If you are concerned about mold, or would like to have your air quality tested to see if mold is present, contact BioClean Remediation, LLC and schedule an inspection. We will come to your home and conduct a thorough review of your home for mold. We can also conduct laboratory air testing to identify specific types and levels of mold that are present in your home. In addition, we will provide expert recommendations on how to prevent mold growth. If you have mold present, we will work with you to come up with a customized remediation plan.

When hiring a mold removal company, it is critical to select a trusted professional. BioClean Remediation, LLC is recognized by HomeAdvisor as a best-in-class provider of mold removal and remediation. Contact us any time, day or night at 251-504-0747.